[SQAS] The Times of London on why events (+ offline communities) are awesome for retention

Posts labelled [SQAS] (as in Stats, Quotes, Anecdotes, Snippets) will feature nuggets of information and insight. These are the kinds of things I save in Evernote because I’m a digital hoarder because they make for great bullet points in presentations and quality soundbites.

Source: Hitting the paywall: can social drive traffic to subscriber-only sites? | Technology | theguardian.com

When it comes to building a subscription-based media business, even social media networking falls short of real face-to-face networking. Part of the digital bundle with the Times is Times+, which offers subscribers exclusive access to events. Katie Vanneck Smith said that their subscriber churn rate of 40% plunges to just 8% if the subscriber has been to one of these and met with their editors and journalists.


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