[I’m Reading] Why do so many of us delight in “delightful” now?

Posts with the label [I’m Reading] will be about articles I’m finding interesting. I often find things interesting even when I completely disagree with them. No lawyers approved this message.

Presented without comment 🙂

“Delightful” is different. It’s a word that explains itself, fully and efficiently. Instead of “This is awesome because X,” you get, essentially, “This is delightful because it’s delightful.” Delight is its own reward. We all recognize this. And when more and more of our interactions find us doubling as curators, filtering Internet for friends and family, positive adjectives are at their best when they can endorse and describe at the same time. “Delightful” is nondescript and nuanced at once. It is retro and modern in equal measure. And therein lies its charm. “Delightful” may well be the new “cool”: the adjective we turn to, collectively, to convey our approval. It is, as Urban Dictionary explains, “a positive word that could mean anything good.” It may well be becoming the universal validator. And that’s pretty … well, you know.


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