[I’m Reading] single-purpose apps work far better than single-purpose desktop websites

This is from Benedict Evans’ Mobile Newsletter No. 48. The comment is about Facebook’s launch of its “Paper” app; emphasis mine:

Facebook launched a new combined newsfeed and ‘clipboard-like news aggregator, ‘Paper’. This is the first output from Facebook Labs, which aims to produce more standalone apps. Paper is an interesting attempt to make Facebook’s core product on the desktop work properly on the much smaller canvas of mobile. But the more important thing is that Facebook is embracing unbundling in a systematic way. On a smartphone, it’s almost always easier to press the home button and launch another app than dig into an app’s own menu system – single-purpose apps work far better than single-purpose desktop websites. It’s also striking how aggressive and flexible Facebook is in response to mobile disruption (much like Google). Facebook will never have the same monopoly on mobile that it has on the desktop, but the opportunity may be so big that it doesn’t matter.


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