[I’m Reading] Dealing with freeloaders

Posts with the label [I’m Reading] will be about articles I’m finding interesting. I often find things interesting even when I completely disagree with them. No lawyers approved this message.

Here’s how Philip Kaplan’s music distribution service deals with users who get ‘free’ access by creating bogus accounts for referral credits:

It’s possible some of the musicians who want free DistroKid access can’t afford it. Or maybe they’re unable to get a credit card. I’m happy to give these musicians the opportunity to get their music into stores. And maybe they’ll even earn a living from it — the best art comes from struggle. So today we’re launching “Scholarship” accounts. When the system detects that you’ve just created 5 bogus referrals, you’ll be presented with a notice that we caught you, but here’s an option: Either pay the $19.99/yr, or sign up for a free Scholarship account if you can’t afford it. I think musicians will give these options some thought and choose the one that’s right for them.


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