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Get the Galavant Times:

So I have this newsletter. It’s full of win. Don’t take my word for it – how about these other people you don’t know but should listen to because don’t we all take it for granted that people on the internet know what they’re talking about, surely?

Here’s why I always look forward to and read the Galavant emails

It’s always been interesting so far so until proven otherwise, I know it’s time well used
It’s good value. Definitely better than Vogue (and I do mean that as a compliment)
Your hyperlinks always lead me to discovering new things
I like the format. I like the idea of a blog-like email
Your logo and title rock

Am enjoying the Galavanting. And very keen to see where you find the next intersection of the geeky + interesting + inspiring…

$2 a month. At least two people say it’s totally worthwhile. What more do you need?

Oh, links:



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