Fit is to online fashion retailers what monetization is to online media

Online fashion retailers are obsessed with fit – the subject dominated the panel discussions at Assembled Fashion 2011, an event organised around the intersection of “fasionistas and technistas”.

The sentiment received its pithiest expression in the comment by Lacoste’s Anthony Santagati III that “fit is the killer app for e-commerce”. 

Appropriately enough, some of the more interesting startups at the event had built (or are trying to build) businesses that tackle the fit issue:

Bonobos – “We couldn’t find pants that fit. We don’t like shopping. Bonobos became the answer.”

Clothes Horse – “We make it easy for consumers to buy clothes that fit and retailers to provide amazing shopping experiences.”

Proper Cloth – “We give you unprecedented control over the size and shape of the shirt.”

Fitted Fashion – “Why aren’t you the body model for your own clothing?”

While Bonobos, Clothes Horse and Proper Cloth are all (currently) focussed on menswear, Fitted Fashion is daring to tackle women’s denim.

As co-founder Jamal Motlagh put it, when you’re thinking about women and their jeans, “it’s all about the backside…and there’s a mathematical way to enhance that area.” Ahem.

Fit has been our mind here at Galavant, particularly as it relates to running shoes. A recent discovery: Shoefitr, which Running Warehouse uses:

ShoefitrShofitr screenshot

Why does fit matter? In a nutshell, fewer returns (and associated shipping/restocking costs), happier customers and more conversions from buyers who might otherwise be put off by concerns about sizing.

With thanks to @lizbpr for sorting @galavantmedia‘s access to the Assembled Fashion event.


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