Experts coast. Amateurs work.

I really enjoyed this perspective from “The Eloquent Woman” blog, on her recent decision to hire a speaking coach (she is, herself, a speaking coach):

You may wonder why a coach would get a coach. I don’t lack experience, skill or nerve when it comes to public speaking or chairing meetings. But it’s a poor chef who fails to keep her knives sharp. A trainer who seeks no training after she hits ‘expert’ status is just sharing the expertise of long ago, over and over again. I wanted to set the bar higher for myself.


Social Media and the Devolution of Friendship: Part II » Cyborgology

Add this theme to the list of blog-posts-in-my-brain.

In short, “sharing” has become a lot easier and a lot more efficient, but “being shared with” has become much more time-consuming, demanding, and inefficient (especially if we don’t ignore most of our friends most of the time). Given this, expecting our friends to keep up with our social media content isn’t expecting them to meet us halfway; it’s asking them to take on the lion’s share of staying in touch with us. Our jobs (in this role) have gotten easier; our friends’ jobs have gotten harder.

The Product is the Byproduct

There’s a blog post in my brain about the difference between your company and your product, and this tremendous deck by Zach Holman articulates a lot of what I’ve been thinking:

“A great product [is] the byproduct of the environment you build at your company. This environment may actually be harder to build than the product itself, but you’ll be left with a better everything by the end of it.”

Extra nerd points for the production footnote, Zach.

Dark Social: We Have the Whole History of the Web Wrong

Just look at that graph. On the one hand, you have all the social networks that you know. They’re about 43.5 percent of our social traffic. On the other, you have this previously unmeasured darknet that’s delivering 56.5 percent of people to individual stories. This is not a niche phenomenon! It’s more than 2.5x Facebook’s impact on the site.
Day after day, this continues to be true, though the individual numbers vary a lot, say, during a Reddit spike or if one of our stories gets sent out on a very big email list or what have you. Day after day, though, dark social is nearly always our top referral source.

This post. It is brilliant.